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Post Op Instructions

Post Operative Instructions

Extractions:  Eat  a softer yet substantial diet for two-four days following your extraction.  While on pain medication or antibiotics, it is very important to eat foods that are more substantial than clear liquids to prevent nausea and stomach upset from the medication. Dr Bobrow routinely places a packing and stitches to close the extraction site. For this reason,  do not start warm salt water rinses before four days, unless instructed otherwise by Dr. Bobrow, as this will dissolve any packing and stitches too early.  Ice packs,  if recommended,  should be used 20 minutes on/20 minutes off for the first day following surgery. Any persistent bleeding or swelling should be brought to our attention. Do Not Smoke!...smoking can cause painful dry sockets that require additional treatments. Call us at 252-255-1001.
Root Canals:  Expect to experience mild discomfort for 1-3 days following your root canal procedure. This discomfort should not be extreme! If you experience extreme discomfort, call our office ASAP. Do not use ice packs or hot compresses as this can delay healing or accelerate infection. Take all prescribed medication as directed. A root canal treated tooth must be restored with a permanent restoration or crown to prevent leakage and reinfection.

Fillings and Crowns:  After having fillings there can be mild sensitivity to cold foods. This is normal as your tooth has had surgery.  Any severe cold or chewing sensitvity should be reported to us ASAP. This is usually a sign that a slight , simple adjustment is needed; however these symptoms can , on a rare occasion, be an indication an abcess starting. For this reason, it is important that you call us.

Periodontal Therapy:  Following periodontal therapy(deep cleaning) you should expect to experience mild discomfort that should be tollerable or manageable with over-the-counter pain medication. This should last for approx. one day.  Your teeth may be sensitive to chewing or cold for a few days.  Use any prescribed rinses or medication as directed.

Implants:  Following implant surgery you should expect mild, if any, discomfort. The same instruction for extraction apply(see above). It is very important that you return for any follow-up appointments if directed. Do Not Smoke!!

Invisalign:  After delivery of your first tray, expect to experience some discomfort for the first three to four days just as you would with brackets and wires. This can be managed with Ibuprophen or Aleve and a softer diet.  Do not discontinue tray use without  advice of your doctor. Trays must be worn 22 hours per day to remain effective.

Cosmetic Whitening : If you purchased you bleaching system from us, you have a very powerful bleaching system which must be used with great care.  Do not over fill the trays as it will cause a 'white' chemical burn on your gum tissue. This burn can be helped with topical anesthetics like Ora Gel ® or Vitamin E oil rubbed on the spot. Discontinue  bleaching for one cycle and then resume.

Crowns and Bridges:  Your tooth/teeth have been prepared and a temporary plastic "cap" has been cemented with a sedative cement. It may have a faint taste of cloves. Refrain from chewing on your temporary id possible. Stay away from hard, crunchy , and sticky foods. If your temporary becomes uncemented, let us know asap as it is there for a keep your tooth protected and in position. teeth can shift rapidly.